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Updated Thursday, November 7, 2013

GM: Chainsaw Masochist  (erected 11/6/13)

GM Emeritas:  Puppycakes, Chicken Fried Butt Sex, Queen La Queefa, O Bozo Where Art Thou?

Religious Advisor: Trail of Snail, backed up by the GM and O Bozo Where Art Thou?

Hash Ambassawhore: We are all ambassawhores of our hash

Hareraiser: Roofies Taste Like Almonds

Beermeister:  Chainsaw Masochist, backed up by the hares of the run

Hash Cash: Chainsaw Masochist

Hash Scribe:  Voyeur, backed up by the rest of the hash

Song Bird: Any named Peach Fuzz hasher (Be Ready)

Head Giver: Stinky Pinky, GAG, or otherwise...chosen at circle by the RA

Hash Flash: Voyeur & and any wanker with a camera

Hash Haberdasher: Roofies Taste Like Almonds, backed up by Chainsaw Masochist & Bozo

Flag Bearer: O, Bozo, Where Art Thou? 

Hash Husher: We have enough hash respect not to need one 

Planning Committee:  Mismanagement

Hash Council:  A bunch of old and wise hashers (growing wider daily)

Hash Birthday:  9 June 2000

Red Dress Date:  Wednesday before Halloween

Special Event & Date: Green Jacket Run, Masters Week

Past GM's:  Puppcakes 2000-2005; Pixel Dick 2005-2006; Queen La Queefa/Chicken Fried Butt Sex 2006-2009, O, Bozo, Where Art Thou? 2009-2013, Chainsaw Masochist 2013-present

Past RA's:  Puppycakes 2000-2006, Choice of a New Penetration 2006, Puppycakes/PapSmear 2007-2009, Bladder Spladder 2009-2010, FIstful of Fags, 2010-2013, Trail of Snail 2013-present

Founders:  Puppy Cakes (Kellygirl), Baglady, Butt First, Piece of Tail, Eager Beaver, No more Pussy, Leave her for Beaver (It's Too Big, I'm Bleeding).

Webmasters: Website originally created by PuppyCakes, currently maintained by O, Bozo, Where Art Thou?.






The Peach Fuzz Has Participated in the Augusta Canal Authority's Cleanup Effort since 2010 and have adopted a trail of our own.

The Peach Fuzz Has Participated in the Heart Association Fund Raising events since 2007

Hashers have volunteered to help at the Annual First Tee Charity Concert since 2005

The Peach Fuzz Participated in the "Walk for Life" Cancer Walk in North Augusta 2001, 2002, 2003

The Peach Fuzz Sponsored a new window at the Richmond County Humane society

 We Helped our own when they needed a helping hand due to cancer

 We Helped the family of one of our own when he died

The Peach Fuzz Hashers regularly pick up trash along the trails we run.

Hashers have helped just about every hasher move